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Our team is here to help you find the perfect board and pieces for your Chess game. We know just how daunting that can be so we made this solution with all of those needs in mind! Our aim is to make sure chess is beautiful game of Chess and spur everyone into loving it!

We aim to be Online Chess Set Catalogue – for you to easily find any type of chess set. Wonder if there is a set about your favourite movie or from a specific Country ? 

We’ll find it and catalogue all in one place. 

With short videos, pictures and write-ups included in each article, you are sure to get a vivid understanding about our numerous chess sets and boards when you are done reading.


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Mission and Vision

This is why We relentlessly research, find, compile information about chess, chess boards, and sets… then I present them here for you in the most engaging yet informative articles that’ll get you addicted to coming back!

We’re the best at what we do. That means that you’ll find everything about chess sets and boards on our site, from beginner type of chess, sets all the way up until weird, bizarre, obscenely expensive chess sets!

Mission and Vision

Our goal is to become a social hub for everyone looking to know more about chess for purposes of advancing their knowledge and skills in the game of chess. 
We also aim to be a flagship platform that supports the chess culture through generations, which is why our products are not limited to any group of people in particular. 
As proponents for chess, we are proactively seeking out new ways and opportunities to enhance our services, with chess gratification as our ultimate objective.

Mission and Vision aim is to popularise and propagate chess by finding, collecting, describing, and publishing the data about both the most exquisite, extraordinary but also hardly known or more pop-culture oriented chess boards and sets – all in one place.

This website is made for all chess maniacs who would like to find out what type of chess boards are there. We keep searching online to find and present the most interesting chess boards that exist. 

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Designed to suit and satisfy the needs and expectations of all chess maniacs, young and old alike, anyone looking to find out the kind of chess boards that are out there in the world can simply visit the website and have their questions answered. 
From the most traditional to the most contemporary and modern, nothing is left out or disregarded! 
The website is intended to serve as the hub for all chess game lovers and further the culture and lore that pundits in the game of chess have been skillful to maintain. 
Everything under one roof! Other than the different types of chess boards and sets, the website also features articles on some of the most renowned chess masters and chess shops, while at the same time providing the best tips to help players develop and enhance their skills in the game.
 By browsing through the library that is, you have the chance to know everything you have ever wanted to know about the game of chess. The platform also contains critical lessons that can be traced back to the long history of chess exposing the reader to some of the most amazing looks of the most popular games over the years. 
By the time you are through, you will not only be well informed but also equipped with interesting tips to help you horn your own skills as a chess player. You also get updated with news updates in the realm of chess, making it an everyday visit for anyone who doesn’t want to miss out on anything.
 We aim to provide access to top-tier competitions to educate the world about chess while enhancing its popularity. This is our way of keeping current players empowered and inspired while preparing the way for the next generation of chess players.
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