Crusaders Chess Set

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Do you enjoy playing chess?

Do you also happen to be a fan of medieval history?

If so, then you’ll definitely want to check out the Crusaders chess sets!

This unique chess sets is based on the armor and weaponry of the medieval knights who fought in the Crusades.

So if you’re looking for a way to add some extra excitement to your next chess game, why not try playing with this cool new set?

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Crusaders Chess Set

Franklin Mint Crusaders Chess
Franklin Mint Crusaders Chess

This 3D-printed chess set is made to look like the bloody period during medieval times.

The pieces are hand-made and each one has its own color, making it easier for players who don’t know what direction their opponent may be going in order to get ready!

Franklin Mint Crusaders Chess Sets
Franklin Mint Crusaders Chess Sets

The bloody battles between religions resulted in this type of board game being created where players calculate every move to protect their king from enemy attacks on him.

This handcrafted masterpiece consists 32 different colored stones including white rulers who weigh 1/2 ounce each, knights serving as rooks or bishops depending upon what side they reside on.

Alongside easily recognizable battlefield landscapes made out of durable resin which makes them both beautiful.


Pieces: Pieces are hand painted resin, 32 pieces, and the chess board is made from maple, sold with board.

Crusader Chess Set

Chess is one of the oldest and most popular board games in the world.

And for chess fans, collectors, and players alike, there’s nothing quite like owning a crusader’s chess sets.

These unique sets feature medieval-inspired designs that are sure to capture your imagination.

Whether you’re looking for a new way to play chess or simply want to add some extra flair to your collection, a crusader chess set is definitely worth considering.

So check out some of the best options available today and choose the perfect set for you!

The Great Crusaders Chess Set

The Great Crusaders Chess Set

The Great Crusaders Chess Set

Crusades Chess Sets have been around for centuries and continue being played today.

This new type of chess set was invented from the religious battle that happened in history between Christians, Muslims- it’s not just about winning but also decorating your pieces with attention given by designers who want you to play perfectly according to their beliefs!

The chess sets are a unique way to commemorate important events in history.

These particular pieces represent two religions that were constantly at war with each other for centuries, the Christians and Muslims.

Chess board measure about 16-inch game; it is inspired by a Coliseum in the midst of a spear-strewn arena.


Pieces: King size is 5", and the board dimension is 21 5/8" x 21 5/8" x 1/2" (21.63").

Crusaders vs Ottomans Chess Set

Crusaders Vs Ottomans Chess Set
Crusaders vs Ottomans Chess Set
Crusaders vs Ottomans Chess Set

The Metal Ottoman Crusaders Chess Set with a touch of history from the Medieval period will surely make your game time more interesting.

The pieces are hand-painted to have exquisite features and perfectly copy the colors of Christian knights, including animals such as horse or camel that needs to be made carefully for true presence on any board!

This set includes traditional chessmen in addition to ones uniquely designed by us.

Crusaders Vs Ottomans Chess Sets
Crusaders vs Ottomans Chess Sets
Crusaders Vs Ottomans Chess
Crusaders vs Ottomans Chess
Crusaders Vs Ottomans Chess Pieces
Crusaders vs Ottomans Chess Pieces
Crusaders Vs Ottomans Chessboards
Crusaders vs Ottomans Chessboards

The pieces are hand painted beautifully so they closely resemble Christian knights as well animals such horse or camel- both essential for any army on campaign.


Pieces: King height: 3", made from metal, Board size: 17 1/8" and the tallest point (height of turrets): 3 5/8".

Crusaders vs Saracens Chess Set

Crusaders Vs Saracens Chess Set
Crusaders vs Saracens Chess Set
Crusaders vs Saracens Chess Set

The Crusaders vs Saracens artwork features knights on horseback with shields divided into two sides by an iron cross – this represents not only conflict between Christians and Muslims but also Eastern Orthodoxy versus Western Catholicism in all their glory!

Crusaders Vs Saracens Chess Sets
Crusaders vs Saracens Chess Sets
Crusaders Vs Saracens Chess
Crusaders vs Saracens Chess

This chess set is perfect for any traveler or person who wants to have their own board on the go.

The pieces are durable, resilient made out of resin so they’ll last longer.


Pieces: 32 pieces made out of resin, sold with board, actual playing surface measures 11 3/4 inch x 11 3/4 inch.

Wrapping It Up

So what do you think? Are crusaders and chess a match made in heaven?

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