Carolingi Xiv Chess Pieces
carolingi xiv chess pieces

If you’re a fan of chess, or even if you’re starting to learn the game, you’ll want to check out Carolingi Chess.

These unique variations of the classic game were invented by Italian artist and chess fan Michel Carolingi.

The rules are simple, but the gameplay is surprisingly complex, making it an excellent option for players.

Plus, the beautiful artwork on the pieces makes this one board game that’s sure to impress your friends!

See below for our selection of Carolingi XIV Chess!

Carolingi Xiv Chess Pieces
carolingi xiv chess pieces

Carolingi XIV Chess known also as Charlemagne vs Moors Chess Set is a production by Italian artist Piero Benzoni. 

The chess set is  representation of historical confrontation between French Christians in Southern Europe and Muslim Moors of Spain. The figures are said to be of fairly good historical resemblance. Each of the chess pieces is ( which by the way are fairly big, with both Kings over 26cm height) beautifully designed, hand crafted and signed by the sculptor.

The board’s surface is made of polished marble and is beautifully lined with silver and gold frame. 

Carolingi XIV Chess Set – Technical Details

Carolingi (Carolingians) Chess Pieces: King ht: 26cm (10.24in), Base: 8 cm (3.15 in)
Mori (Moors) Chess Pieces: King ht: 27cm (10.63in), Base: 8 cm (43.15 in)
Charlemagne vs Moors Gold and Silver Onyx Rectangular Chess Table: 130 x 83 x ht 60 cm (51.18 x 32.68 x 23.62 in)
Gold and Silver Onyx Chess Stool: 34 x 34 x ht 48 cm (13.39 x 13.39 x 18.90 in)

avaialble to purchase in several variants ranging from 90-145,000$ on

Carolingi XIV Chess – Images

Carolingi Xiv Chess Figures Golden
carolingi xiv chess figures golden
Carolingi Xiv Chess Set Black
carolingi xiv chess set black
Carolingi Xiv Chess Figures
carolingi xiv chess figures
Carolingi Xiv Chess Set
carolingi xiv chess set

Wrapping It Up

So what do you think?

Are Carolingi Chess the next big thing in competitive chess, or is this all just a lot of hot air?

Either way, it’s certainly been fun to watch them take on some of the best players in the country.

I can’t wait to see how they progress and whether they make it to the top ranks!