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Blizzard Chess

Blizzard known as Diablo Chess set features 32 custom sculpted pieces. Blizzard Chess set requires many hours of illustration, sculpting, and engineering then the packaging in a box to make sure there are no damages

Blizzard Chess Set

Blizzard Chess Set
Blizzard Chess Set
Blizzard Chess Set
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awesome set i like this, very durable

. Pieces are molded in heavy weight polystone and metal, needs attention to detail like scales, horns, jagged teeth, bones, and tentacles on the demon side. Copying the delicate wings and smooth symmetrical lines on the angel pieces making sure it was very detailed as the customer will see every detail in the pieces. After it printed out the result will make you amaze how it copied the original design. Pieces from the demon side are Pawn – Fallen, Rook – Belial, Knight – Azmodan, Bishop – Baal, Queen – D3 Diablo, and King – Mephisto while pieces on the angel side are Pawn – “Common” Angel, Rook – Ithereal, Knight – Tyrael, Bishop – “Good” Malthael, Queen – Auriel, and King – Imperius. Box is only available in the package and there is no board included.

Blizzard Chess Set
Blizzard Chess Set

Pieces: 32 custom sculpted pieces, no board available.

Wrapping It Up

Roman Chess- the city of Rome was founded in 753 BC, but by just 117 AD, it had expanded to include all of modern-day Italy, lands in the Mediterranean, and a huge swath of Europe that included England, Wales, and some of Scotland. Many of the Roman Empire’s wars were fought over trying to expand those boundaries, while other battles were fought over religion; this chess set is inspired by this time. Powerful and famous rulers will wander across the chess board, and you might even end up with Julius Caesar checkmating the Pharaoh!

The Egyptian chessmen also bring in a vast history of chess and archaeology to your fingertips. From collectors to chess players, these Roman theme chess sets are good for all comers!

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