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Do you love Pokemon? Do you love chess? If so, then you are going to love pokemon chess sets! These sets are the most interesting and coolest-looking sets out there.

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They come in a variety of different styles, and each has its own set of pros and cons. In this blog post, we will take a look at some of the most popular pokemon chess sets on the market today.

Pokemon Chess Sets are definitely a cool way to show your love for both pokemon and chess. They come in all shapes and sizes, with a variety of different features. Here are just a few of the most popular ones on the market today:

Official Pokemon Chess Set

Official Pokemon Chess

You will truly goanna love and enjoy this new pokémon chess set, Magikarp are pawns, Rapidash are knights, Snorlax are Rook, Drqgonite is bishop and Pikachu are the king and queen.  This pokémon chess set guarantees to provide a tactical pokémon spin to gaming night. The item dimension measures 20.3 x 20.3 x 3.3 and this was made of MDF while chess pieces are made of resin.

follow the link below to purchase  – link 

Pokemon Chess Set Official​
Official Pokemon Chess Set Figures
official pokemon chess set figures
Official Pokemon Chess Set
official pokemon chess set
Official Pokemon Chess Board
official pokemon chess board

Handmade Pokemon Chess Set

This beautiful set is perfect for any Pokemon fan! The board measures 14.17″ (36cm) tall and has a length of either 3 or 4 inches, depending on what size you want to buy it as well; 

this makes them good options if your little ones are still growing up too quickly before they’re old enough not only play but also use their voice control abilities properly – such features will come in handy when we start playing against three different opponents at once instead just two like now..
Aww yeah!!!

Pokemon Chess Set
Pieces: Wooden , Plastic , 3D - 3.93”(10cm) 1.96”(5cm)

THE BOARD İS; 1-) 14.17” (36cm) height 14.17” (36cm) length 2-)11.81” (30cm) height 11.81” (30cm) length



where to purchase?


Handmade Pokemon Chess Set​

Who doesn’t love the idea of a pokemon chess set? The board is made from handcrafted wood and there are two sizes available, one at 11.81″ (30cm), which measures 36 centimeters in length;

 this model has been designed for those who want more space with their use or just prefer smaller items on display shelves when it comes down to playing games competitively against others using either jokers/pawns etc., whereas if you’re running low-key events like family get together

Chess Set from Pokemon Detective Pikachu

Pokemon Chess Set
pokemon chess set

Although not available for purchase, see below for some pictures from a recent pokemon movie – Pokemon Detective Pikachu – these sure look cool and with made with amazing attention to detail. 

Pokemon Chess Figures
pokemon chess figures
Pokemon Chess From Movie
pokemon chess from movie

Pokemons Chess - 3D Print

Pokemon Chess Board
pokemon chess Board

. Most of the pokemon chess sets are fan-made, with majority of them being 3d Printed Chess. You can buy then on etsy, or have a look at how it was printed on https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2369887 

Above set is Printed in light Woodfill PLA, sanded, stained and sprayed with a clear coat.

Every piece is designed to be printed in 2 parts, the Pokeball base and the Pokemon itself.
The base can be filled with nuts (M8 at 100% size, M6 at 75%) to make the pieces more bottom heavy.

Pokemon Chess 5
pokemon chess 5
Pokemon Chess 3
pokemon chess 3
Pokemon Chess 2
pokemon chess 2
Pokemon Wooden Chess
pokemon wooden chess

How pokemon chess sets work?

Pokemon are fictional creatures that have been around since 1995. They can be found in various video games, trading cards, and other media.

A pokemon chess set is a board game where you use the pieces to move your characters around.

Pokemon Game Set - 3D Print

Pokemon Chess Set Colour 2
Pokemon Chess Set Colour 4
Pokemon Chess Set Colour 3
Pokemon Chess Set Colour

What are the different types of pokemon chess sets?

There are a few different types of pokemon chess sets available. The most basic type is just a basic chess set, with pokemon figures replacing the pieces.

Another option is to get a set that has a board that lights up and makes sounds when you make a move. Finally, there is also a set that has a built-in projector, so you can watch the battle between your pokemon unfold on a nearby wall or screen. 

Will try to make sure I put all of them in this article. if you know of any I might have missed – please do not hesitate to email or comment!

Pokemon 3d Chess Set 2

Another 3d Printed Chess Set, this time coloured, with Snorlax being white pawn and lapras on the opposide side of the board. Chess Pieces generally small , with different heights and shapes e.g. for the rook makes it much easier to pidentify the chess pieces and play the actual game if anybody decided to. Looking at the detailed pictures seems like the chess pieces are very well made

Chess Pokemon Cake

Below is a fan-made version of a Pokemon Chess. Probably for viewing purposes only 😉 Black pieces having pawn of ultraballs and sort of a bad guys type of pokemons on their side, with Meow bein the king, most of them mainly physic pokemons. Not sure why psyduck there though, and being a king chess figure 😀 On the other side of the board you have what would seem the ‘good guys’ consistig mainly of Ash pokemon team, with Squirtle being the king and Pikachu being the queen by the looks of it. Definiteyl an unique Chess Set!
found on https://imgur.com/user/jennym27

Pokemon Chess Board Cake
pokemon chess board cake
Pokemon Chess Board Cake 6
pokemon chess board cake
Pokemon Chess Board Cake 2
pokemon chess board cake 2
Pokemon Chess Board Cake 3
pokemon chess board cake 3
Pokemon Chess Board Cake 1
pokemon chess board cake 1

Pokemon Chess Game

Pokemon Chess GameWhat are Pokemon? The word ‘Pokemon’ is a shortening of the Japanese words for “pocket monsters.”

 Pokemon are creatures that inhabit an imaginary world known as the “Pocket Monsters World,” or simply, ‘the Pocket Monster World.’ Pockets in this world contain items called Poke Balls which can be used to catch and store these creatures. 

There are currently over 700 pokemon. A player’s objective is to train one or more of these animals to battle other players’ pets.

This first pokemon games has taken the entire world by storm, with children all around playing it on their Game Boys and Game Boys Color. It has also appeared on Nintendo 64, Playstation One, Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES), Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2) and Windows PC

Later on you had cool stuff such as pokemon duel or Pokemon Go which has taken loads of people outside of their homes to play the game. 

Pokemon Chess Pieces

Set below made with PVC - you can find different variants of it online, one of the coolest looking pokemon chess figures avaiable, purchase yourself a chess board and you got a nice looking set. These usually are fairly cheap too

Pokemon Chess Pieces Set
pokemon chess pieces set
Pokemon Chess Pieces Set 3
pokemon chess pieces set 3
Pokemon Chess Pieces Set Rear
pokemon chess pieces set rear
Pokemon Chess Pieces Set 4
pokemon chess pieces set 4
Pokemon Chess Pieces Set 1
pokemon chess pieces set 1

The new pokemon chess sets are out and they are amazing! This new pokémon chess set is a great way to add some excitement to your gaming nights. 

The pieces are made of resin and MDF, and the set includes Rapidash as knights, Magikarp as pawns, Snorlax as rooks, Drqgonite as bishops, and Pikachu as king and queen. 

Whether you’re a fan of chess or pokémon, this set is sure to add some excitement to your game nights.


Ceramic Pokemon Chess Set

This is a fan-made version of a Pokemon Chess Board from ceramics. Looks like it took quite a lot of time to prepare. Looks like water vs fire chess set. The final board is 18 inches x 18 inches. The pieces range from 1 ½ inches to 4 inches in size.
Red Team:
Pawns: Magikarp
Rooks: Arcanine
Knights: Rapidash
Bishops: Flareon
Queen: Moltres
King: Charizard

Blue Team:
Pawns: Squirtle
Rooks: Gyarados
Knights: Shiny Ponyta
Bishop: Vaporeon
Queen: Articuno
King: Blastoise

more can be found on https://www.deviantart.com/frabulator

Pokemon Chess Board
pokemon chess board
Pokemon Chess Set Ceramic
pokemon chess set ceramic
Pokemon Chess Set Ceramic Pawn
pokemon chess set ceramic pawn
Pokemon Chess Set Ceramic Knight
pokemon chess set ceramic knight
Pokemon Chess Set Ceramic Bishop
pokemon chess set ceramic bishop

Pokemon Chess Notable Mentions

Black Pokemon Chess Ditto

Cool Pokemon Chess Figures

Red Pokemon Chess Pokeball

Fire vs Grass Pokemon Chess Set

Wrapping It Up

By now you should know the current Pokemon Chess inspirations available on the internet. 

Leave a comment below let us know which one you like the best. Let us know if you know any other pokemon chess boards that should make the spot in the article.

If you love pokemon and chess, then pokemon chess sets are for you.

These cool chess sets could make a great gift or addition to your collection of memorabilia from the series. The pokemon games have been around since 1996, so there’s no question that these make a perfect collector’s item.

We hope this blog post has given you some ideas about how pokemon is being used in creative ways beyond just video games! Which pokemon-themed chess set is your favorite? Let us know below in the comments section!

Perhaps there will be an original version of Pokemon Chess set coming into markets at some point soon too. Stay Tuned!