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Superhero Chess Set

Superhero Chess Set
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Superhero chess sets?

Who thought of that?

Whether you’re a fan of superheroes or not, these sets are sure to impress with their intricate designs and amazing levels of detail.

So if you’re looking for the perfect gift for the chess lover in your life, or if you want to add something special to your collection, check out these superhero chess sets!

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The good thing about this chess set is about it comes with tons of different piece options, meaning that you can assemble your armies from your favorite superheroes and villains, and end up with a totally unique Marvel chess set and a team that’s been handpicked by you.

In determining which is which the maker when they were designing this modular superhero chess set, so each and every piece is marked with the symbol of the chess piece it functions as, so you can actually use this set to play chess and you’ll always know which piece is which.

Chess pieces are hand painted with attention to detail for the image to copy correctly so that the fans will not disappointed.

The artistry and workmanship on these pieces is really impressive and sure to satisfy even the most discerning collectors and super-fans.

The chessboard that matches this set is decorated with the Marvel logo and a unique all-over comic print.

The bronze and pewter toned Marvel chess board provides the perfect backdrop for battles between your hands selected armies of heroes and villains.

Superhero Chess Sets
Superhero Chess Sets
Superhero Chess Pieces
Superhero Chess Pieces
Superhero Chess Pieces 1
Superhero Chess Pieces 1
Superhero Chess
Superhero Chess
Superhero Chess Sets
Superhero Chess Sets

Pieces: Images of every piece are copied perfectly, sold with board.

Superhero Chess Set

Chess fans everywhere will love these superhero-themed chess sets!

Whether you’re a collector or just a player, these sets will add some fun and excitement to your games.

Choose from sets with characters from Marvel and DC comics or classic movies like The Avengers and Superman.

No matter which sets you choose, you’re sure to have hours of fun playing with your favorite superheroes.

So why not add one of these unique sets to your collection today?

You won’t be disappointed!

Marvel Superhero Chess Set

Marvel Superhero Chess Set

This Spider-Man Deluxe Pewter Chess Set consists of 16 different characters in the fan favorite and well known Spider-Man movies that every child or adult knows.

These chess pieces are made of high quality pewter to ensure that it will not easily break as it is also fit for children to play.

Along with other characters it also features 8 Spider Tracers and 8 Spider Killers.

Chess board features a sculpted lid that lifts off to reveal a storage space for all of the chess pieces.

Chess board is included inspires by an almost true battle of Spider-man in good side and the evil side as Spider-Man saves the day.

Hero’s side:
-King which is Spider-man available in red and blue
-Queen which is Symbiote Spider-man
-Knight which is Punisher, and Moon Knight
-Bishop which is Daredevil and Black Cat
-Rook which is Cloak & Dagger and Blade
-Pawn which is Spider Tracer
 Villain’s side:
-King which is Green Goblin
-Queen which is Doctor Octopus,
-Knight is Scorpion and Sandman
-Bishop which is Electro and Lizard
-Rook which is Venom and Rhino
-Pawn which is Spider Slayer


Pieces: 32 chess pieces, sold with chess board

DC Superhero Chess Set

DC Superhero Chess Set
DC Superhero Chess Set
DC Superhero Chess Set

This chess set is surely high quality as the DC Collector’s Chess Set by DC Chess Collection make sure to produce this in amazing and beautiful to have those chess set player motivation to do well in the game.

However, no detail about this has been overlooked yet.

Chess pieces is cast in metallic resin, then hand-painted with attention to detail that features the white team that is silvered finish and the black team with a bronze sheen.

Chess pieces depicts from the characters on the Batman movies that included Dark Knight and his allies against the twisted agents of crime spearheaded by the Joker.

The advantage of this Batman Chess Set is that chess board itself designed for the collection that embossed with a Batman symbol, painted with a metallic finish and Brick surround matches the pieces’ Gotham architecture-styled bases,


Pieces: 32 chess pieces, sold with chess board.

Wrapping It Up

Superhero chess sets are the perfect way to up your game.

They’re also a great conversation starter and can make you the party’s life.

If you don’t have one yet, what are you waiting for?

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