Gold and Silver Plated Chess Set

Gold And Silver Plated Chess Set​
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There are many chess sets advertised as golden, or silver. However most of them are made from anything but gold (or silver). But there are some sets that are made from those materials – and that is what we are going to look at today. However, it should be noted that none of those sets are made from pure gold or pure silver.

Renaissance Themed Chess

It should be noted that none of those Gold and Silver Plated Chess Sets are made from pure gold or pure silver.

            As for silver, it is usually sterling silver not solid silver for the reason that solid silver is rather soft, and sterling silver (a silver alloy containing a little over 92% silver) is much more durable and strong.

            As for gold it should be said that most of these “golden” sets are made from sterling silver plated with gold – the price of gold usually prohibits the manufacture of solid gold chess, and pure gold is also too soft and too easy to scratch and damage.


            With the introduction out of the way, let’s take a look at the first set for today –

Tiffany’s sterling silver chess set

Tiffanys Sterling Silver Chess Set
tiffanys sterling silver chess set
Tiffany’s sterling silver chess set

For many, Tiffany & Co. is the definition of luxury, and their beautiful chess set is an obvious way to start this article. This high quality chess set will not look out of place even in the most luxurious apartments.

            The pieces are of a simple, silhouette design, which makes them instantly recognisable – and easier to pick up, which is certainly an advantage, should you consider chess sets primarily for their playability. As for playability, the pieces have felt bottoms – so that they don’t damage the mirror finished board.


sterling silver, gold plated. Board: sterling silver, wood, 12”x12”. Box: felt lined sterling

The board is also remarkably simple and classic in its design, yet highly luxurious chess set. This is an example of tasteful and toned down type of luxury.

Tiffanys Sterling Silver Chess Set2
tiffanys sterling silver chess set2
Tiffanys Sterling Silver Chess Set1
tiffanys sterling silver chess set1
Tiffanys Sterling Silver Chess Board
tiffanys sterling silver chess board
Tiffanys Sterling Silver Chess Pieces
tiffanys sterling silver chess pieces
Tiffanys Sterling Silver Chess Box
tiffanys sterling silver chess box
Tiffanys Sterling Silver Chess Pieces1
tiffanys sterling silver chess pieces1

Degussa Sterling Silver and Rhodium Chess

This chess set is slightly smaller and a bit more low profile; the design of the pieces is more classic, fully three dimensional. All the pieces together weigh around one pound – while the pieces are small, they do have certain weight to them!

            Rhodium, a rare metal of platinum group, is used there to give the chess pieces their dark finish. Rhodium is considered a very special material, used in situations where mere gold or platinum would not suffice. For example, Paul McCartney received from the Guinness World Records a rhodium-plated disc for being history’s best selling artist.

Degussa Sterling Silver and Rhodium Chess

sterling silver and rhodium, around ½” each. Polymer storage case, no board.

          Playability wise, while this set does come with a sturdy storage case, it doesn’t come with a board. Other than that, it should be a perfectly playable chess set of Staunton design – which makes the pieces instantly recognisable to any chess enthusiast. While some of the more exotic chess sets can easily start feeling dated in a decade or two, this timeless design is sure to age well.

The chess sets mentioned above are rather traditional and classic. However, there are also some less standard chess sets in sterling silver and gold. For example, take this themed chess set;

Biblical Gold and Silver Chess


            In some ways, this set may be considered the opposite of the Gold and Silver Plated Chess Sets above. The sets above were minimalist in design. This chess set is extravagant in design. The Gold and Silver Plated chess pieces in the sets above were meant to be instantly recognisable for everyone. These pieces did not. The sets above aimed to avoid challenging beliefs of any sort. This set… well, it may be challenging certain beliefs.             

Most certainly, this is not a set for everyone. However, if it fits your outlook on life, it is an interesting set to display, to play, and perhaps even just to keep around – after all, such sets are quite a rarity, and a curious one.

            The pieces are made from sterling silver and gold plated sterling silver. The Chess board is made out of silver, plated silver and wood. It is unusually richly detailed, and it actually has a dual use – it also functions as a storage case. Its sides feature reliefs depicting Jerusalem, the Holy City.

            If you are looking for some really special biblical chess set – this might be just the set for you.

Biblical Gold and Silver Chess
Old Testament Silver Chess Set
old testament silver chess set

sterling silver and gold plated sterling silver, 6”-9”. Board: wood, sterling silver and gold plated sterling silver, 20”x20”.

Nude Silver Chess Set

Silver Nude Chess
Silver nude chess
Nude Silver Chess Set

The pieces in this set are truly works of art, designed after the classical Greek beauty ideals. The beauty of a naked human body is the main focus here. It may be considered a little inappropriate by some, but after all, nakedness is a person’s most natural state.

            The pieces are made from sterling silver, and they are finished in such a way that they appear to be antique. This chess set is sold without a board – in the photographs it is displayed on a onyx, wood and obsidian chess board – available separately.

            Whether you consider the stark nakedness appropriate or not, it is an interesting set to have around, and a great conversation starter too.


sterling silver, 3”-6”, no board.

Golden Heads Chess set

Gold And Silver Heads Chess Set
gold and silver heads chess set

            The stern, sombre faces, the rich detail – playing chess with this gold ans silver chess set feels very serious. The  chessmen are ready for a long and strenuous battle.

            Since we are on the topic of pieces, those are designed in such a way that they are easy to tell apart; their headgear is reminiscent of the appearance of their counterparts in the Staunton chess set – meaning that the pieces will be easy to tell apart, and it shall be easy for just about anyone play chess using those pieces.

            The board is, as often, not a part of the package. You need to either have your own chess board, or additionally purchase the one visible in the photographs.

            If you are looking for a high quality playable set, a little unusual, but not as risqué – this may be a set for you.

Golden Heads Chess set
Gold And Silver Heads Chess Set2
gold and silver heads chess set2
Gold And Silver Heads Chess Set3
gold and silver heads chess set3
Gold And Silver Heads Chess Set8
gold and silver heads chess set8

Wrapping It Up

            With this set we would like to conclude this article about Gold and Silver Plated Chess Set. There are some other chess sets available in those luxurious materials, but those are some of the more easily available and more interesting options.

            And as always it is possible to commission a set to be made just for you – if you are looking for a very specific set made from very specific materials, this may be an option worth some consideration.