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Green Chess Board

Green Chess Board
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Do you like your chess boards to be traditional black and white?

Or do you enjoy the added pop of color a green board can provide?

Whether or not you’ve tried it before, we recommend giving green chessboards a try.

It will make your sets look more unique, but it might also help improve your gameplay.

Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of using green chessboards!

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Green Chess Board

Green Chess Board
Green Chess Board

Wild Style Boards is a company that specializes in making all sorts of different types or styles of chess boards, from the traditional black and white pieces on an erased surface to colorful vinyl designs with rounded corners.

You can get anything you want- even custom printed full-color boards!

Wild Style Boards offer the most exciting, full color vinyl chess boards that you can find on earth.

They have a variety of styles for any taste or preference from fantasy creatures and artistic designs to sports-themed ones!

You’ll even be able to get custom printed with your own designs – so it’s not just about playing games but rather creating them too!


Pieces: Includes 1 green chess board made of vinyl.

Green Chess Board

Do you like to play chess?

Or maybe you’re a collector of chess sets.

Either way, I think you’ll be interested in this new development in chess boards.

A green chessboards!

Green Squares Chess Board

Green Squares Chess Board

The chessboard is a lightweight, yet durable design that can be conveniently packed for travel.

To make learning and studying previous games easier the perimeters of each square are marked with quadratic notation so you don’t have to refer back often during play!

The entire board measures 20 inches long making it perfect if your room isn’t too spacious or large enough t oplay on an open area like carpeting instead because this will allow more movement around pieces without having them get stuck against walls.

The lightweight, yet durable green and white chess board is ideal for travelers.

It can be conveniently packed due to its small size (20 inches long) as well as being easily wipe clean with later maintenance in mind!


Pieces: Includes 1 long chess board made of vinyl.

Green and White Chess Set

Green and White Chess Set
Green and White Chess Set

The perfect chessboard for all your games! This 20-inch tournament size vinyl foldable board comes with an alpha numeric legend and classic green checker set.

It’s great because it has enough space to accommodate larger players as well, making this one durable piece of equipment in any household or organization that needs a little extra play time on their vacanent day.

The thickness measure 0.21 inch (51mm) at its thickest point but we still recommend using gloves when handling due do surface scratches from use over years before.

Green and White Chess Set

When you need a chessboard that’s both portable and tournament-ready, this 20-inch vinyl board is perfect.

Not only does it include an alpha legend to help keep your game on track but also classic green checker versus black pieces for use in any setting! With its 021″ thickness (0.51 cm)and 2 25/32 square inches of size–it matches our 3 ¼ “plastic men perfectly too making them ideal companions whether at home or out adventuring together.


Pieces: Use vinyl and cardboard.

Wrapping It Up

We hope you’ve enjoyed this journey into green chess boards.

While we can’t say that they are definitively better, we think they are different and provide a unique experience for both players and spectators alike.

What do you think?

Do you like the look of green chess boards and would be interested in playing on one?

Let us know in the comments below!

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