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 Do you want to Sell Chess? If you have a chess set or a chess board that you would like to sell, we will be happy to purchase it from you or help find someone who will. We will pay you the best price for your chess set.

Just contact us today to sell your chess set . You can fill the contact form provided below, or you can leave us your telephone number or email and we will call/email you back. For the full list of what type of chess we purchase check below.

Sell Chess Sets and Get Paid

Sell your Chess – What information do I need to provide?

In Order for us to provide you with the quickest and most accurate quote it is best if you provide us with one of the following:

– Where the item is located

– Part number or any type of certificate

– What condition – any scratches, dents?

– Pictures (if you have any)


How much money will you get Selling Chess Set?

We will provide you with a quick, fair, and free of charge quotation for your Chess set or any other chess tools you may wish to sell. Our experts study the age, condition, and current MSRP prices to guarantee fair and accurate quotes for all customers. When the quote is ready you can send the goods to us or, alternatively, we can arrange for a quick pick up of the kit ensuring the immediate payment.

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