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Modernist Chess Set

Modernist Chess Set
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Do you love chess?

Do you also love art?

If so, you’ll want to check out these modernist chess sets.

It’s a beautiful piece of art that would look great in any home.

And, best of all, it doubles as a functional chess sets!

So if you’re looking for something unique and stylish, be sure to check out these modernist chess sets.

You won’t be disappointed!

See below for our selection of Modernist Chess Set!

Modernist Chess Set

If you’re a fan of both modern art and chess, you’ll love the latest trend in chess sets design.

Contemporary artists are creating striking, minimalist designs that make an eye-catching addition to any game board collection.

Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting, these one-of-a-kind sets will add elegance and excitement to your next match.

So take a closer look at some of the most stylish modernist chess sets on the market today!

Modernist Metal Chess Set

Modernist Metal Chess set 3
Modernist Metal Chess

This metal chess set is one of the best modern chess set note the incredible and functional features that will surely make you to buy it.

Modern Metal Art Deco Chessman features tall, slim, and sleek in it’s pieces with a touch of bronze and pewter to help you determine which is who the armies is.

The King height is 4 inches tall with 1.25 inches in diameter.

The pieces is not the highlight of this chess set the main highlight is the chess board with a feature of metal pieces with a sleek high-contrast storage chess board that will surely amaze you if you consider buying.

Modernist Metal Chess set
Modernist Metal Chess set
Modernist Metal Chess set
Modernist Metal Chess set

With functional and decorative storage chess board that can accommodate the pieces, with wooden demarcate 32 separate slots and 16 spaces measures 1.75×1.75×1.25 and other 16 spaces that measure 2.50×1.75×1.25.

The chess board is made for the pieces to accommodate and can roll around without bumping each other to avoid damage or scratched.

It only provides 16.25 inches square and 2.5 inches off the table in your space.

This is a great piece for anyone who want to learn chess in this days and anyone who loves Art Deco.


Pieces: bronze and pewter finish metal combines slender, metal pieces, 16.25" square and 2.5" tall it includes

The Man Ray Modernist Chess Set

The Man Ray Modernist Chess Set

This chess set introduces the modern chess set setting back from the 1920 by the famous Surrealist artist Man Ray, naming this type of chess set to his name and it’s the recreation of the past chess set handcrafted by artisans in Germany and an Italian violin maker to make the perfect piece and make the knight correctly.

The pyramid represents the King inspired by the Egyptian pyramids and associated with Pharaohs and other rulers during that time with a size of 3.25″ / 8.26 cm, Queen is the cone shape inspired from the headgear of a medieval monarch.

Bishop and the flask shape inspired from apothecaries and distillers.

The wooden chess board either lacquered or veneered is excluded when you purchase but depends where you order, this type of set with the size of 15.75″ x 15.75″.

This set is a touch of modernization and history, as the pieces were inspired in history making it more amazing as there is a story in every piece you move.


Pieces: made from beechwood, sizes of squares are 1.968 ″, mostly pieces and chess board is sold separately.

Typographic Modernist Chess Set

Typographic Modernist Chess
Typographic Modernist Chess

This cool modern chess set will make your more attracting as you would rather display it than play with it, nonetheless it’s still considered as a chess set and you can enjoy playing with it.

The limited edition typographic chess set by Hat-trick design by Jim Sutherland, with only 50 sets have been produced as of now as it uses complicated things before it make and it needs attention to detail to create the perfect pieces.

It uses laser-cut acrylic for the letters or words in the pieces to make. Letter K stands for King with the height of 50mm tall, and pawns are 30mm, Q and P pieces have been redrawn and also Kt which means Knight has for these pieces to be more stable, Sutherland decides to withdrawn them.

The chess board is made from greyboard foiled in black with the height of 2mm.

A sheet or an instruction is included in the packaging contains information about moves and chess notation as well as a selection of chess-themed quotations.

It also includes postcards to show how the pieces move.

Typographic Modernist Chess Set

Pieces: Pieces has corresponding letters, laser cut from 25mm acrylic, pieces are black white.

Australia Diaxi Modern Chess Set

Australian Diaxi Modern Chess Set
Australian Diaxi Modern Chess Set
Australia Diaxi Modern Chess Set

Australia Diaxi Modern Chess Set is a type of chess set that shouts luxury, both materials and workmanship creates something special featuring stainless steel, wood, brass, and leather to make it more luxurious.

With a combination of materials creates harmony from a sturdy aluminum composite frame with a brass or stainless steel overlay, gives extra credit to make the pieces perfectly and make the right weight.

This set consists of 32 chess pieces with green felt bases and  has a unique custom hinge is 316 stainless steel with brass collars, with a total of 53 ounce just the pieces itself.

Chess board are also included in this luxurious chess board with the size of 16 inch occupied space when you play and 16 ½ by 8 ¼ when you fold it for storage, this designed for the movement restrictions of 90 degrees in hand operation.

This type of chess set also utilizes a custom designed Diaxi hinge that can be locked during play and is completely unobtrusive you will never even notice it at all when you are playing, it blends perfectly and looks just like a decorative part of the board.

When you buy this type of set it includes luxurious leather storage box with a green felt lining and two separate compartments to separate the chess pieces and board chess with the size of 10x7x4″ this is to avoid scratched and damage when delivering and after awhile of using.

Each board has a unique RFID license installed.

Australian Diaxi Modern Chess Set
Australian Diaxi Modern Chess Set
Australian Diaxi Modern Chess Set
Australian Diaxi Modern Chess Set

Finally, the Castle is a reproduction of a pillar which characterized the architectural style during that period.

Chess board measures 11″ made with brass and chess pieces are Zinc Alloy 5, wooden chess case with storage is included in the package made of Laminated wood and a monopoles gift box is also included that weighs 7.5 in all full set.


Pieces: King height 3 3/8″, 32 chessman, 16.5″ X 16.5″ chess board height.

Wrapping It Up

Do you like the look of these chess sets?

I have to say that I’m a fan- it has a clean, modern aesthetic that I can get behind.

Whether or not you like the style, there’s no denying that these are unique chess sets.

What do you think?

Are these something you would want to play with or display in your home?

Let us know in the comments below.

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