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Naruto Chess Set

Naruto Chess Set
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Wonder what is the name of the chess game they played in Naruto? 

If you’re one of those who enjoy the Naruto series, you’ll want to check out these Naruto sets!

See below for info about Naruto Chess Sets, Figures, Shogi, 3d Models & Boruto Chess!

Naruto Chess

naruto chess shikamaru shibaNaruto Chess – is a way of playing a chess game but with figures that are equivalent to naruto characters (scroll down to see a sample naruto figures).

You can then feel like your favourite anime character and fight like they would do in the anime, but on the chessboard with your friend. There’s even sets available online – check below list where we’ve listed some good ones (and ranked them by popularity).

Naruto Chess Pieces

Although you can find some actual naruto themed chess sets ( read on to check them out) – most of what is available will be naruto chess figures – with no board.

Naruto Action Figures

Naruto Chess Set
Naruto Chess Set

Not entirely sure why these are called chess, but they are one of the closest things to what you can call a naruto chess set. There are different pieces, 6 in each collection from Megahouse. 

The Naruto chess piece is a great way to show your love for this iconic anime series.

The pieces are accurate and detailed, just like in the show!

you have Naruto, Sakura and Kakashi on one side, and Sasuke, Gaara, Shikamaru on the other side, guessing Naruto would go as a White King, and Sasuke Uchiha for Black King. Rest is up to your imagination 😀 

Naruto Chess Sets
Naruto Chess Sets
Naruto Chess Pieces
Naruto Chess Pieces
Naruto Chess Pieces 1
Naruto Chess Pieces 1
Naruto Chess Pieces 2
Naruto Chess Pieces 2

This ‘chess set’ comes without a Board option so you’ll need to buy one separately if needed 🙂

Size : about 7-8cm high
Item Weight 0.99 Pounds

might also be a good idea to check aliexpress if you do not mind cheaper made option at a good price – here


Pieces: 6 pieces all in all, 2 types: black and white, small pieces

Kakashi and Naruto Pieces

Naruto & Kakashi Megahouse Anime Chess Set
Naruto & Kakashi Megahouse Anime Chess Set

These 2 pieces also are called naruto Chess Piece Set – can get them on amazon from megahouse although might be better to consider purchasing the option with 6 figures – its much cheaper.  

Random Naruto Figures

Similarly as above, not necessarily a chess set, but with some creativity could be used as such 😀 

12 figures (2x Naruto, 2x Madara, 2x Gaara, Sasuke, Sakura, Hinata, Jiraya, Kakashi and Tayuya? each with black stand, find a compatible chess board and you’re good to go.

Naruto Chess Sets

Naruto Lego Chess Set

naruto lego chess set
naruto lego chess set

There is a happy pawn chess shop in Thailand where they supposedly sell these 😀 need to get in touch to see how much that costs, they also have other Anime Chess Sets in a form of lego chess.

Naruto Full Chess Set

Seems like one of the few sets that could be classified as full chess set based off Naruto.

Board has got some Naruto imagery, ( Naruto and Kakashi)  pieces seems standard , painted in naruto themed runes.  

Being sold from Kazakhstan and says drop shipped – guess proceed with caution.  

Handmade Boruto Chess

Same as above, handmade fan version of chess set from g4sky. 

The Chess Board has got some Boruto images on.

The board and the figures are made of wood. Hand-painted.

Board size – 29*29*4 cm.

Being sold from Kazakhstan and says drop shipped – guess proceed with caution.  

Other Naruto Chess Sets

These are just images of chess sets, couldn’t find any place where you can actually purchase any. 

Chess in Anime - Naruto

Wondered what is the name of the game Shikamaru played with his father and Asuma? in the Anime Naruto? It is Japanese version of Chess called Shogi.

Which is harder Shogi or Chess?

Shogi in some sense is like chess , its being called a japanese version of chess. Shogi is considered much more complex than chess. Main difference is that you can re-enter the pieces that have been captured before, and put them almost everywhere on the board. Shogi has many more pieces than chess too

How to play Shogi?

See below for an explainer video and click here to check out example shogi board 

The Best Chess Player in Naruto

RankChess Player
1Shikamaru Nara
2Kabuto Yakushi
3Asuma Sarutobi
4Shikaku Nara
5Hiruzen Sarutobi

A small note here, they do not necessarily play chess In Naruto. They play the Japanese alternative of chess – Shogi. Based on skills or presumed skills in playing shogi – fans have created a list of top candidates for Chess Master

Naruto Chess Players in Real World?

How many Chess masters do we have in Naruto? Well, it turns out the answer is actually…a lot!

Based on the personality and style of play there is an entire list of candidates for our greatest warrior – created by sophist4life

Naruto 3d Chess Model

Would like to say there is one, as these days you can print 3d version of almost anything. 

But not yet, just some random naruto chess figures as below. If that changes, we’ll be sure to let you know

naruto 3d chess figure
Naruto Chess Set

Wrapping It Up

If you’re a fan of Naruto and chess, these might be a treat for you.

They are definitely unique and would make a great conversation piece.

What do you think?

Would you buy one?