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Chess Manga

When it comes to the world of manga, the diversity of themes is staggering. From romance to action, fantasy to science fiction, there’s something for everyone.

But for those who are both manga enthusiasts and chess freaks like myself the fusion of these two seemingly distinct worlds can be utterly captivating.

So, let’s explore the fascinating realm of manga with a chess theme, where intellect meets strategy, and every move on the board is a step closer to victory.

Below is a list of Manga that talks about chess specifically:

  • Chess Isle
  • Chess no Kimi
  • Checkmate!
  • Chrono Monochrome
  • Toma
  • Blitz
  • Age of Caissa
  • Chrono Monochrome
  • Hikaru no Go
  • March Comes in Like a Lion
  • Chess Warrior
  • Endgame
  • Ryuu


Manga About Chess - Top Picks

While some manga might not focus on traditional chess, they incorporate strategic board games with similar appeal. Whether it’s the ancient game of go, the Japanese shogi, or the world of competitive chess, there’s a manga out there that will pique your interest and keep you engaged. 

So, if you’re on the hunt for manga with a chess theme, these selections are an excellent place to start your journey into the world of intellect, strategy, and thrilling competition.

1. Hikaru no Go: The Shogi Sensation

While Hikaru no Go doesn’t feature chess in the traditional sense, it introduces a similar board game known as shogi. 

The story revolves around Hikaru Shindou, who stumbles upon an old go board and unwittingly becomes possessed by a ghostly entity, Fujiwara no Sai. Sai, an ancient go expert, is on a quest to master a divine go technique. Although not chess, the strategic and intellectual depth in Hikaru no Go is sure to captivate chess enthusiasts. 

The thrilling battles on the go board draw intriguing parallels to chess matches.

2. March Comes in Like a Lion: Shogi and Beyond

March Comes in Like a Lion (Sangatsu no Lion) is another manga that doesn’t focus on chess but rather shogi, the Japanese variant of chess.

 The story follows Rei Kiriyama, a young shogi player, as he navigates the complexities of the professional shogi world.

 The manga delves into themes of strategy, competition, and personal growth. Shogi shares many strategic elements with chess, making this manga a must-read for those who appreciate tactical board games.

3. Chess Warrior: The Enigmatic World of Chess

For manga enthusiasts seeking a more direct chess experience, Chess Warrior might be the perfect choice. 

This manga dives headfirst into the world of competitive chess, offering readers a thrilling journey through the eyes of the protagonist, Riku, as he strives to become a chess grandmaster. 

The intense chess battles and intricate strategies woven throughout the story are bound to captivate chess lovers.

4. Endgame: The Chess Throne

Endgame combines the worlds of chess and politics, creating a thrilling narrative filled with conspiracy, strategy, and high-stakes chess matches. In a dystopian future, the power struggle for control of the nation is settled on the chessboard.

 Chess pieces become symbols of political factions, and the story unfolds through epic chess battles. This manga offers a unique and gripping take on the fusion of chess and storytelling.

5. Toma: A Glimpse into the Chess Universe

Toma is another manga that explores the intricacies of chess, focusing on the journey of the titular character, Toma, as he rises through the ranks of the chess world. 

With beautifully illustrated chess matches and a compelling storyline, Toma provides a fascinating look into the competitive chess scene and the complex characters who inhabit it.

6. Ryuu: Chess Meets High School

Ryuu follows the story of a high school chess club, combining the challenges of teenage life with the strategic battles on the chessboard. 

It’s a delightful blend of chess, friendship, and personal growth. 

For those who enjoy a more lighthearted take on chess within a school setting, Ryuu is a fantastic choice.


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